April, 2009

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Not pretty and not okay – make a video to say so


We know a lot of people who are competing in the 48 Hour Film Challenge shortly. Woo, glory, fun, games, etc. But Behind The Scenes have a different kind of film challenge going on. They're asking people age 17-24 to make videos that promote healthy relationships instead of violent ones.

Make a video clip for YouTube promoting respectful boyfriend/girlfriend relationships and win a prize – $2000.00 first prize, $1000.00 second prize.

We encourage young men as well as young women to have a go at busting the myths about this violence

Although this project is about boyfriend violence towards girlfriends, many men have respectful and loving relationships.

Women have come a long way but some men still use violence towards women in relationships. Domestic violence has been dragged out of the closet. This is an opportunity to drag boyfriend violence out in the open! We want all young people to have a go at challenging this culture by promoting respectful relationships.

For more information, check out their site, or Are you okay? for help.


Reusable makeup pads?

I know a lot of our readers are crafty, and I know a lot of our readers care about the environment, so would you guys make your own makeup removal pads? I wouldn't, because I am lazy, and don't sew and don't own a laundry bag and I hate hate hate doing laundry anyway. But I'm not a good person.

(Thanks Ginger for the link!)

diet natura

On a mostly different but slightly similar note, I was really impressed by the Hotel on Devonport that offered up dark-coloured face clothes especially  marked “for makeup removal” – as I'm sure anyone who's ever tried to wash mascara out of white towels could appreciate.


Clay masks and floral water


Sometimes I think I’m so spoilt. I got given clay for clay masks and floral water by lovely Eleanor, who has the best skin in the world and makes dollop and came to our first birthday party. (She let me in on a few of her secrets, which I’ll reveal at a later date mwahaha.)

Clay masks are great. Like the egg white mask I recommend, it quickly dries on the skin, drawing out gunk on pores. It fine granularity means it’s slightly exfoliating as well though. And leaves skin fresh and soft and clean.

Floral water can be used to mix with the mask, or on its own to tone the face. I bought a spritzer bottle to spray my face with the floral water any time it feel dry. It’s soooooo lovely.

I’m gonna interview Eleanor about her business and about her skin care routine shortly. She’s an aromatologist and has a cool blog so will be interesting to talk to and learn from.

I’m not sure if Eleanor is selling her masks and floral waters, but you could always contact her via her website or blog and ask… and keep an eye out for her interview here on ppp.

Anyone want some old magazines?

In tidying and sorting my house, I realise I have a whole box full of old magazines that I don't want, and I'm wondering if one of our readers could use them? There's lots of Marie Claire, some Madison, a Vanity Fair or two, some reaaaally old (2004) Rip It Up and even a couple of Pavement. Anyone in Wellington want them? I'd prefer it if you could pick them up but I could drop them off anywhere in the city if need be. There may be one or two pages ripped out of each magazine but they're in solid condition apart from that.


Wearing green

At our first birthday party, we did a clothes swap – our pretty guests brought along once-cherished clothes and accessories, got to try on others’ duds, and take home some real gems. I came away with new jeans, a World skirt, a Ruby hoodie, and more! All for free and all good for the environment. (btw we’ll be taking the left over duds to the sallies).

Considering how much space our wardrobes take up, how much resource used to produce garments, and how much chemical waste and electricity used to care for our clothes, clothes are a big issue for the environment. (Not to mention the evils of child labour and distorted body image rife in fashion.)

Watch this video – it give tips on buying clothes, as well as suping-up old clothes instead of throwing them away. Kathmandu does some nice ranges of organic and recycled plastic clothing (at least I think they still do), and Duncan & Prudence jeans in Wellington does organic denim.

Pretty awesome: The Hand Mirror

To counteract the girlcrimes that I no doubt committed by watching Top Model, I”d like to draw your attention to The Hand Mirror, which I read every day for their take on feminism and issues in New Zealand. And now they have a twitter account too! And this awesome picture:

NZNTM: recapping the recap episode

  • As someone who is friends with mathemagicians, it really offends me when Hosanna says she's one of only 33 out of ALL OF NEW ZEALAND to make it into the show. Um, the percentage of NZ population > females > females who are the eligible age > females who are the eligible age who care about Top Model > females who are the eligible age who care about Top Model who tried out. Oooh mathy!
  • Again, fake laugh aha aha models eat too.
  • Are we already halfway through the series? Really?
  • Christobelle got stung by a bee. OMG TRAUMA. Actually I shouldn't mock, cos I'm sure it hurts.
  • “I was really excited when I saw Sara, because Sara is our Tyra”. Ugh!
  • Oh, they got Ajoh to cry talking about her mother. There's something really disturbing about girls crying in their bathing suits.
  • And di you guys know that Sarah USED TO DO DRUGS? And that Teryl-Leigh IS A MOTHER? Next I bet they say Olivia and Lucy are sisters.
  • Laura thinks eating the chili made her get ahead. Note to everyone next year: his will not work the same way.
  • Dance Montage.
  • There's a lot been said about the lack of Maori girls representing – there were some in the 33 though.
  • Teryl-Leigh foreshadows that she doesn't know how she'll deal if both Hosanna and her get into the top 13.
  • Oh, and if you really wanted to be on Top Model but didn't make the cut, you could always instead. If you were selling a home for more than $4.8 million, wouldn't you want to make sure that you proofread your ad before you posted it? There aren't any pictures of Tyra Sara included in the sale though, sad face. And no sign of the stripper pole installed in one of the bedrooms.
  • If I could actually fit into their clothes, Top Model would make me actively avoid shopping in Max, I think.
  • I wonder if maybe Sarah got confused by the Jean Batten (I wrote 'Amelia Earhart' first, whoops) challenge because she was New Zealand's “heroine”, and SARAH USED TO INJECT DRUGS.
  • Tiffany goes home for working the pole. And there's Ajoh getting the wrong end of the black stick. This recap is really really boring – I mean the one on the TV, not my writing. Because I, of course, am hilarious.
  • Comic music for the hip hop class. Again. And SARAH'S DEMONS OVERTAKE HER. This is the episode that Kowhai and I liveblogged so excuse me if I make all the same jokes again. I like CMJ's pep talk to her though, despite his hair and terrifying hip wiggles.
  • I've just noticed that Tery-Leigh was wearing a shirt that says “White by birth, trash by choice”. Well that explains the earrings then…
  • Ajoh gets a piggyback out of Snow Planet, because there's no snow in Africa. I already made the joke about how it rains there though, right? Sorry.
  • Okay, so you guys know I'm all about the Laura love, right? I think it actually should have been a compliment to the designer that she said her outfit was “comfy”. I mean, given the hurt and pain that some fashion inflicts on us, isn't it a good thing that your clothes don't cause you physical discomfort? Also, I think what she meant was “this garment makes me feel confident”, so grr, dumb over-reactions.
  • There's something about Lucy that really makes me dislike her, but I suspect it's not about her and more about how she reminds me of someone but I can't quite put my finger on it. Oh wait! No, I totally can. She totally reminds me of this totally vapid Carrie Bradshaw wannabe that I worked with at Salient. Ahh.
  • I still think Ruby looks better with darker hair. And this talking about chocolate thing is ridiculous. And also the fact that the girls go on about how many kgs they've put on since they got in the house. Why and how do they know? Ugh. And Sara's voiceover: “An intervention was long overdue” – and they bring in exercise equipment. I mean, I get that exercise is a good thing. I even enjoy it myself, sometimes. But might a better intervention also have included a talk on body issues?
  • Wait, Olivia went home? I missed that bit. Either I was drunk or the whole episode didn't tape.
  • Next, Teryl-Leigh is named and shamed. Wow, who knew that they'd ask the other girls who they think would go home next? It's almost as if they wanted to stir up some controversy. Surely not? Drama over dinner. I watched this, didn't I? How do I not remember any of it?
  • “I'm the tallest one here, I've got the bone structure. Wow, I have to work on focusing my eyes. They can't grow any taller!” – That's totally going to be my come-back from now on.
  • The couture makes me want a bowler hat of my own to rock. Maybe I'm still all about the steam punk.
  • Lucy says that Rebecca Rose and Ajoh both have very good walks because they're both professional models and have both been taught before. Oh small NZ, how short on amatuers you are!
  • Ajoh doesn't want to open her legs in circus class. You know this is going to come up again. OH MY GOD! CMJ has '30s finger-curls. I'm simultaneously awed and terrified. And woah, Ajoh went home? Did I miss a whole episode? Or two? How did that happen? And the next episode features boys. AWESOME. I promise not to miss that one.

Saben Bag from Rodney Wayne

I saw these bags up close today, and they do look lovely. The products cost about $90, 10% of which goes to Breast Cancer Research.


Rodney Wayne is behind ‘Ritual for a Cure’, a six week multi-faceted campaign beginning in April. The campaign aims to raise at least $40,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Trust, which will go towards our goal of finding a cure for breast cancer within the next 10 years.

Rodney Wayne salons nation-wide are inviting clients to experience a ‘heavenly’ in-salon Kérastase ‘Ritual Cure’, which can also be matched with one of three Kérastase ‘Home Care Cures’ specific to dull, dry or damaged hair.

Clients who choose one of the Home Care Cures also receive a handbag with signature Saben-designed print. For every in-salon ritual bought, Rodney Wayne salons will donate $3 to the breast cancer cure cause or 10 per cent of the purchase price of any Kérastase Home Care Cure.


Pretty pretty people: Amy from PPP

(It’s our party and we’ll interview who we want to!)

1. Why did you start up PPP?
I love make-up. It’s the art I can do every day whether it’s for five mins on the bus or for a whole hour before a party. It’s what I love spending money on, and trying on and playing with and appreciating on others. But there’s so much crap out there, and so many traps and tricks. And there doesn’t seem to be many consumer guides for the cosmetics industry despite its hugeness (try searching for product trials for cosmetics in Consumer Magazine – there’s very few). So as I got more experienced with make-up, I wanted to share and collect tips and info. And then I found pursebuzz.com. She’s awesome! I wanted to do what she was doing but locally (to NZ). Not that I really compare PPP to pursebuzz.com – it’s way different because we’re different.

2.What are some of the highlights of the past year?
Definitely trying free stuff. I’ve been privileged to try out locally made beauty products from truly inspiring business women, and I wish them all the luck in the world with their products. Also, reading comments from readers sharing their insights! I’ve learnt so much from readers’ comments.

3. Anything you hope to change or improve on next year?
I want to hear more from PPP readers. The next time I buy a beauty product I want it to be because one of my trusted PPP friends recommended it (as opposed to some model in an ad recommending it because she got paid a million to). So I want to improve interactivity on the site, make people feel comfortable to contribute and share and comment.

4. This is the toughie: you only get three  get three beauty products for the rest of your life. What are they?
One: fish oil. this stuff has done wonders for my dandruff and finger nails. Two: sunblock – a beauty product that saves lives. Three: Skinfood Body Butter – this stuff smells great, is natural, feels great, and I’m sure I could eat it too. Four: mascara – doubles as eyeliner, brow shaper, and beauty spot maker. (Sorry, math was never may strong point).

5. How do you define pretty, and has that definition changed over the past year?
I don’t know! I guess part of the reason I wanted to blog about beauty was to find out the secrets behind pretty women. I mean, how do they make their skin glow, how do they make their hair shiny, how do they choose such pretty jewellery, how come their eyes are so sparkly? But what I’ve learnt is that there’s no secrets, just people doing what they enjoy. They make their skin glow because they like body butter, they hair is shiny because they like going to the hairdresser, they choose pretty jewellery because they love jewellery. So maybe pretty is doing what you enjoy. Which is why putting on make-up makes me feel pretty….maybe??? i dunno…

CUE card holders' sale


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I got this tip from this great blog I've just discovered – The McQuillanator.

You can become a card holder by going to the Cue website, and they'll send you updates on sales and card holder specials like this one.