Ellis Faas swatches

Ellis FaasYou might recall a little while back me talking about the launch of Ellis Faas makeup at Mecca Cosmetica.

I visited Mecca recently and swatched Ellis Faas’ range of Milky and Creamy lip colours. The Milky range is subtle, with just more than a hint of pretty colour that you can tone up or down with more or less product.

But the real stand-out is the Creamy range. These are highly pigmented colours that just look stunning. If you’re serious about lip stick then you should definitely check these out (and the serious price tag $65 to go with it).

All of the Ellis Faas products are liquid, including the eye colours and blushes. They all come in the same pen-like packaging, which I think may be a bit annoying because if I were rummaging through my makeup bag I couldn’t easily tell all the products apart. But then, I think I’d be quite happy owning even just one of these beautiful cosmetics.

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  1. Alleyne says:

    Wish you could tell us what the names of the colors are on your hand. Where I live in the US, there are no stores carrying the Ellis Faas line. And, it’s really difficult to guess about lip colors, looking at the colors swatches at the online stores.

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