Do you drive in heels?

I don’t. I always take off heels (and jandals) because I’m a nervous nelly behind the wheel. I’m dead-scared something is gonna get caught or slip down there. I’m a bit compulsive about it. But to be honest I never really thought about whether it is in fact more dangerous to wear heels than bare feet or other kinds of shoes.

There’s an interesting article in the motoring section of right now. Some car companies are now tailoring pedals to accommodate all types of shoes. I’ll bear this in mind when I next go car shopping. (My household doesn’t have a car at the mo. We’re trying to see how long we can last without one. I reckon by the middle of winter the bus stop will seem far too far away. But we’ll see…)

So do you ever/sometimes/never drive in heels?

IMG_0415On a vaguely related note, I saw these beautiful Vivienne Westwood heels in Smith & Caughey’s. They are made out of a rubbery plastic that reminds me of Barbie shoes.

While it’s annoying when companies exploit our fondness for childhood toys, these shoes look like a sincere homage.  I’d drive in these! Because I’d never take them off if I owned a pair.

5 Comments  to  Do you drive in heels?

  1. Lou says:

    Hi – thought I’d give you the warning that the Vivienne Westwood rubbery shoes are awful… a colleague has them and they both randomly slip off her feet (has happened to her walking into meetings with big clients) and have cut her feet up.

  2. Amy says:

    Oh no! They cost soooo muuuuch moooney! I’d be so pissed. I used to think expensive shoes must be comfortable, but I have learnt my lesson. You can never tell. Poor lady!

  3. Joanne Faith says:

    That is interesting…I try not to drive in heels, not only is it a little dangerous I’m always worried my foot will slap and I’ll snap the heel! I ususally keep a pair of flats to drive in.

    I adore those Vivienne Westwood heels. :) Pretty!

  4. Morgan says:

    I got the purple ones half price when I was in Aucks for Pearl Jam- and they are possibly the worst purchase ever made :( They make your feet sweaty and impossible to stay in.. But they are still awesome.

  5. Amy says:

    Oh that’s real stink. Maybe they were made for Barbie after all. She doesn’t sweat. I get the worst blisters even in ‘comfy’ shoes and trainers so I wouldn’t stand a chance.
    I was up in Aucks for Pearl Jam too. Best concert I’ve ever been too. Even better Tom Jones in 2000!

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