Geek Nail Polish by Think Geek

Think Geek is one of those sites I can spend hours browsing, and my wishlist is already long. So they had to go and add nail polish to their stock, didn”t they? Because they weren”t already awesome enough, apparently.

Here”s what they say:
“So two

of the merchants at ThinkGeek went in together to convince the Powers That Be that we needed to stock nail polish for our customers. And it worked, because here you are.

“To bring these to you, we worked with Amanda from NerdLacquer, who blends custom polish colors which have a geeky theme. We picked our four favorites to stock at our monkey warehouse.”

That”s all lovely, but the proof of the polish is in the sparkle. At least in this case. And

sparkle they do:

I think the word I”m looking for is I”LLHAVEALLOFTHEMPLEASE!

Here”s some more cialis from mexico photographic evidence viagra price in viagra canada pharmacy case you weren”t already salivating enough:

I love the everything about these, including the labels. Even Warrior Ethos (the red) appeals to me, and I”m not a red nail polish wearer normally. That multi-sized glitter is stunning.

So I think it”s a given that I”m going to be buying a set. What about you – are any of these colours calling to you? The Think Geek nail polishes are US$9.99 each from Think Geek.

5 Comments  to  Geek Nail Polish by Think Geek

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    The red is super-pretty! I think the colours are too sheer, maybe with a layer of colour underneath they’d be really nice though.

    Have you heard of Ro Vie cosmetics? They offer makeup classes where you get to make custom nail polishes, eyeshadows, etc – sounds amazing :)

  2. Selina says:

    Hi Anne-Marie – the colours do look quite sheer in the picture but they don’t say how many coats they’ve used. But you’re absolutely right, a coat of a creme in the base colour under a sheer glitter works a treat!

    I’ve never heard of Ro Vie, I’ll have to check them out.

  3. Sarah says:

    Interesting. I didn’t realise that Think Geek had decided to stock Nerdlacquer.

    For anyone interested, Nerdlacquer can also be found straight from the source at the creators etsy page – – she has SO many more colours there than TG are stocking.

    As for anyone interested in how sheer the lacquers are: They are reasonably sheer. For a fully opaque look, I generally have to use 3, but often 4 coats. I’ve actually taken to using a very similar base and then adding one or two coats of nerdlacquer instead.

  4. Selina says:

    Thanks for that Sarah, I’ll definitely be checking out Nerd Lacquer!

  5. Those look really nice, I’ll have to check the websites to see if they sell internationally. And Sarah, I also do that with my sheer sparkly polishes, it’s very useful to not use so much, you dont need it and they look really fab.

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