All that glitters


In this case, is gold.

My boyfriend would tell you I”m a magpie, and certainly I enjoy a bit of glitter in my life.  For a long time though I was averse to gold and strongly in favour of silver (or even copper).  Well, the tide has turned and left a new glitter in its wake.

It happened while I was I wasn’t paying attention, and now gold is everywhere I look.  Is it a trend? I don”t know, but I do know that gold is beautiful both in the carefree bright days of summer and paired back against a more luxe winter look.  If you”re hankering for the Midas touch, you could try:


A drop of gold on your shirtfront


Much better than the usual cheap plastic buttons, the gold buttons are what make this inexpensive shirt a bit of a stand out.  As a current take on a classic style it”s perfect with a pair of skinny pants for work or messily tucked into denim shorts or a maxi-skirt on the weekend.  This precious was $34.99 from JayJays.


Glitzy accessories


The current trend for chains in jewellery is a favourite of mine and you don”t have to spend a lot to get a hit.  I

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recently found this reversible chain necklace at Equip for around $10.  The soft peach is on trend but the gold takes more panache to pull off.

The gold-rimmed sunglasses scream of hot days at the beach somewhere in Europe, so I wear them advisedly.  They”re a great bit of fun though, and secretly I enjoy the sense of being a bit “Liz Hurley” when I throw on a white tshirt and some jeans, and cover my sleepy eyes with these Glassons beauties.


Starlight on your fingertips


Stars are, of course, white. But imagine if they were gold.  We”d spend our lives staring at the night sky and I bet the United States would be able to find a bit more money for that space programme they”re so keen to diminish.  While my true desire is the Zoya 14K polish, which looks like flakes of real gold because it is flakes of real gold, this chunky gold glitter from Chi Chi fits the bill for a pretty small $17.  Super over navy blue or a deep maroon.


Warpaint for a viagra usa princess


The Maybelline colour tattoos are seriously good and seriously cheap, and after some initial resistance went ahead and grabbed Bold Gold.  Bold is about right, but a quick slick of this on the eyelids creates a bit of subtle drama.  You could amp it up for a nighttime look too, especially since this stuff does not budge.


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