Fashion Week: 2013 edition

Remember last year when I went to Wellington Fashion Week and wrote those really long, detailed posts about the shows?  Well, it”s WFW again but this time I”m taking a slightly different approach.  Firstly: let”s talk about goodie bags.

Once again, I was surprisingly cool and waited until I had left the shows to dig through the bags.  Sidebar: I hope that when I eventually leave this mortal coil, someone writes that in my obituary. “Megan was surprisingly cool”.


As you can see, goodie bags involve a large number of vouchers.  Some of these are actually handy, while some will require me to get a shellac pedicure in order to get a free shellac manicure.  Probably not going to use that one.

The Kathryn Wilson goodie bag (top left) was by far my favorite, chock-full of lovely skincare treats and a voucher for lovely Dyrberg Kern goodies – I”ve been considering a purchase from them so I am looking forward to using that up!

To kick off our WFW coverage properly, I”m doing (another) giveaway.  Simply leave a comment below with your favourite NZ designer and you”ll go in to win a selection of goodie bag goodies (and a surprise treat!).  The winner will be drawn on Monday 8 April, so get in quick!

Keep your eyes peeled over the weekend for brief show summaries and images of my favourite outfits and pieces from the shows this year.

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6 Comments  to  Fashion Week: 2013 edition

  1. Hereni says:

    Cybele :)

  2. Catherine says:

    Jill main, great jewellery and accessories.

  3. mummy says:

    Andrea Moore – of course! x

  4. Steph says:

    Karen Walker (hope I’m not too late!)

  5. Nikki says:

    Oh my this is a tough question. Im a huge fan of Robyn Mathieson, but then I recently discovered Highnoontea and I’ve fallen in love with one of her jackets. I love that Robyn uses so many colours in her designs and avoids black. :)

  6. Rosemary ford says:

    I like Karen walker

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