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While I’m working through products I should have written about a long time ago, I also got sent a bunch of Health Basics products to try. They were celebrating their new look launch, and how they’ve named products after New Zealand locations, and that they’re using local stuff in them. I like a good quote of the press release, so here we go:

Inspired by the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand, the Health Basics personal care range, including body wash, hand wash, and bar soap, has been renewed with new product formulations and smart design features for Kiwis who desire something more indigenous and authentic in their daily wash rituals.

The refreshed range has been renamed after iconic New Zealand locations, while New Zealand- based ingredients such as manuka honey, kiwifruit, pohutukawa extract, harakeke, and avocado oils have been added.

One of the things they mention is how you can easily peel off the labels on the handwash so your bathroom looks less cluttered. Here, let me steal an image from their site to show you what I mean.

picture of label peeling

I’m not sure how many people will do that – it seems like if having a pristine bathroom was that important to you, you’d probably fill your own bottles. I do think though that having the bodywash on a rope is bloody great, because man, my shower caddy is overflowing with products.  And their website is really pretty and easy to navigate.

But enough with the aesthetics, how are the products? Well, I took a bottle of the Wanaka daybreak hand soap away with me for a group holiday with a big bunch of people at New Year’s, and I chopped a lot of onions. The soap absolutely removed all oniony smell from my hands every time. I was very impressed. Definitely a product you might want to put by your kitchen sink.

Meanwhile the Opito Bay bodywash foams up really nicely with a puff for leg shaving, which is an important requirement for me in a body wash. I don’t love the smell of jojoba, but I might try the Ruby Bay Sunset or Akaroa Sunset milk & honey varieties once this one runs out.

I like how in their FAQ they talk about how the products are made in NZ, that they’re not tested on animals and they make it clear what products are suitable for vegans (all but the milk & honey). You should look out for Health Basics in your supermarket, and buy the ones that smell good to you. Excellent.

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  1. Robyn says:

    I’ve been a long-time fan of Health Basics as they’re good and cheap (and their Dermaplus hand soap reminds me of good-bad times the early 2000s). As far as I can tell, their products haven’t changed, it’s just the packaging that’s been fancied up. It seems influenced by the white Eco Store bottles – a staple in the bathrooms of Grey Lynn. I like their new look, and I’m pleased they’ve stuck with a shower hanging device for the body wash.

  2. Samantha says:

    I love the Health Basics range but I really wish they would make shampoo. I use their Kawakawa body wash daily and their Dermaplus moisturiser which are amazing and I will continue to use them as long as they’re available.
    At the moment I’m using Organics shampoo and conditioner which is very good but I have a feeling that Health Basics would make something absolutely epic.

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