Mint shower gel to help the sick

mintChances are, you're going to get sick this winter. Sorry,  I know that sucks to hear, especially if you or your work has already forked out for a flu shot. It doesn't prevent head colds. Boo. But I do have a thing that will make you feel a guaranteed at least 5% better when you do get sick.

Go buy this Original Source mint & tea tree oil shower gel from any supermarket (I originally bought it cos I liked the packaging, and it smelt nice). Turn off the fan in your bathroom and run the shower for a good ten minutes or so before viagra cheap you get in to make the bathroom insanely steamy (just don't do this too often if you're not the one responsible for cleaning the mold in the bathroom, okay?). Have a really really long shower and lather all over. Breathe deeply. Feel better and less like your head is going to explode? Good!

This body wash will make your skin tingle so I don't recommend shaving with it. The tea tree oil is diluted so it's unlikely to clear up your skin, and soaking in it won't help your thrush. But it will make you feel a little less stuffy, which is always good, right?

And if that's not good enough, grab yourself some vicks vapour rub and put a quarter teaspoon in a bowl, fill the bowl with boiling water, then hold your head under a towel above the bowl for as long as you can. That oughta give you some temporary relief. Don't forget to slather the rub on your chest and under your nose when you go to bed too. Ooooh sexy!

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