A few new favourites (and a fail or four)

Hey ladies.  Who wants to hear about how I bought stuff and some of it was good and some of it was…not so good?


“Favourites” might be a bit strong, but “stuff that seems to work as it should and that I therefore like” doesn’t start with “F” and so didn’t suit my alliterative title.

  1. Ecoya candle Black Tulip and Kakadu Plum. I asked my Mum to get me this for Christmas because the big Ecoya candles are kinda spendy.  This is a limited edition scent but honestly I want to get a spoon and dig in because it smells delicious.  I also highly recommend the vanilla scent – I burnt one of these in the bedroom, aka coat room, during my birthday party last year and the smell got more compliments than my outfit.  I’m not even outraged, it smelt amazing.
  2. Manicare Artiste Professional brush Foundation/Concealer Brush 50. I cannot believe I am writing this after openly jeering at these brushes. Manicare has released three new brushes, including this one.  They are softer than the existing brush line and I was having a stressful day at work so I treated myself.  These are ludicrously over-priced at $30 BUT this brush does a great job of blending my creme foundation and I love using it to blend my concealer and highlighter under my eyes too.  I *cough* might buy a back up *cough*.
  3. MaxFactor Whipped Creme Foundation.  I’ve only used this twice so it may be too early to call, but I love this. It doesn’t give high coverage but it does even me out and hides how average my skin looks due to my diet of scones and nectarines. Importantly, it is not annoyingly fragranced.
  4. ArtDeco Cream Rouge. I love a cream blush and this one, which I have in number 32, is good stuff.  It’s somewhat reasonably priced at $18, and there are various colours so should be something to suit most people.  I find it quite buildable and it has satisfactory staying power – I don’t bother putting it in my handbag if I only need it to last a work day.
  5. Sleek Pout Polish.  Unfortunately you have to buy these via the Sleek website and therefore pay shipping, but it can be worthwhile if you buy a few bits and maybe share the shipping with a friend.  This polish is like a coloured lip gloss/balm hybrid, with SPF 15.  I have Perfect Plum and I can either use it as a light wash of colour for day, or smear it on more liberally for a smudgy, don’t care kind of night look.  Only downer is it comes in a little pot, which I think is probably gross since you dip your fingers directly in the product.
  6. www.beautybliss.co.nz – I am RULL excited about this site because they stock my beloved ELF blushes (although in a limited selection of colours).  They also stock other brands that are hard to find, including REAL TECHNIQUES BRUSHES! Now, the prices are obviously higher to compensate for the limited distribution, but delivery was quick and my new matte blush was super handy during the warmer summer days.


Learn from my errors, so that you can save your monies for the stuff I mentioned above and for drinks with a friend.

  1. Baolishi Elastic mascara. First of all, should I be using mascara I buy for $4 from Japan City? Probably not, but I had such success with other Baolishi mascaras that I thought I would give this a go.  I like my eyelashes quite separated, so this is no good for me because it creates a lightly clumped effect and I don’t have time to comb out my eyelashes of a morning. Would be good if you like a more careless, grungy look.
  2. Orly Primetime.  This claims to be a chip-preventing primer.  It is not. 
  3. MAC lip pencil in Ablaze.  This was limited edition last year and you probably can’t get it anymore, but I’m writing about it anyway because I’m still annoyed with myself about it.  I bought this after MUCH deliberation – these lip pencils are not cheap – because I loved the colour so much.  Turns out, I am somehow allergic to this pencil and it makes my lips peel when I use it.  Not ideal since it is a bright coral-red colour.  I love the colour though so every so often I just suck it up and use it.  Madness.
  4. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick in the matte formulation.  I love the standard formulation version of these in the black bullets (try 09 or 05, awesome) so when I saw a matte formulation I just picked a colour I liked (103). BIG mistake.  First of all, this stinks.  There is no way I want to use such a heavily-perfumed product that close to my nose and mouth.  Secondly, the lid won’t stay on which means I have to put it in a make up pouch in my bag and I can’t be bothered with those shenanigans.  The formula itself seems nice – it’s soft and seems like it would be hydrating – but I don’t see myself ever using this up. Disappoint.

One Comment  to  A few new favourites (and a fail or four)

  1. Theresa W. says:

    Thanks for the roundup, Megan! It’s awesome how into makeup you are. I hardly ever buy new stuff, but will re-read your tips when I eventually do.

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