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Pompeii to Paris- pretty people in pretty dresses

I”m a huge fan of

the Wellington Historical Costume Society. Those of you who have met the lovely Dreamstress at PPP parties will understand why. Leimomi is seriously awesome. So, it”s pretty safe to say that I am rather excited about an upcoming charity event which she”s hosting.

From the Streets of Pompeii to the Salons of Paris

Saturday, 19 June 2010 Time: 14:30 – 16:30
Location: St Andrews on the Terrace Description

Please join the Dreamstress and the Wellington Historical Costume Society for a fundraising fashion history extravaganza: From the Streets of Pompeii to the Salons of Paris- The Classical influence on Western Fashion.

 Textile and fashion historian Leimomi Oakes will present a entertaining and informative talk on the way Greek and Roman art and fashion have influenced Western fashion from the 18th century to the 20th. The talk will be illustrated by 10 models in historically accurate recreations of period attire – from a 1770s robe a la francaise to a 1920s flapper dress. The talk will be fascinating, and the frocks will be fabulous – it should be an event to remember! 

 Proceeds to benefit the Wellington Free Ambulance. Tickets are $15 waged, $10 unwaged. Tickets will be available at the door, or can be purchased in advance by emailing thedreamstress@yahoo.com.

The big question, of course, is what should I wear to it?

It's shopping time down on Fatty-Nation Street

(With apologies to The Cure. And also anyone else who doesn”t approve of that term. But oh well.)

Hey all my ladies with the curves, have you guys been to Featherston Street lately? Petone used to be the best place for plus-size shopping, but now town is totally Curve-ville.

  • There”s Zebrano“s designer range (their “casual” store on Johnson Street is just around the corner), where you can fork out $400 for a Moss singlet, and be happy that Trelise Cooper”s plus-size range only goes up to a 20, because god forbid the real fattys should have at it. But seriously, they do have some lovely lovely things, and an amazing selection of ball dresses. But you”re going to pay through the nose there – expect nothing under $200 unless you hit their sales racks, which are past season and leftover stock and in extremely limited ranges of sizes.
  • There”s Platform Clothing which I didn”t go into today, whose clothes have always seemed a little bit boxy to me, but perhaps there”s something in there for you. These dresses look very cute. But again, not cheap.
  • Then there”s The Carpenter”s Daughter which is full of a riot of amazing jewel colours and textures. I lusted so so much for a frock coat in pink velvet, but at $550 I had to step away and instead tried on a huge selection of dresses in purples and greens and peacocks. Oh it was a glorious experience. And an expensive one. And if you come to my birthday drinks on Friday at Hawthorn Lounge, you”ll get to see the results. It”s totally what Joan Would Do.
  • It”s not on Featherston Street, but Farmers on Lambton Quay has a good range of plus-size clothes as well. They have a “designer” range, which means they have stuff for like $100 an item, which is kind of wrong in my opinion, but their Wild Child range can be pretty good and under $50 and is also 30% off right now.
  • And finally, although it”s not even a real place but rather the internets, I have to brag about how I finally found a dress that has SLEEVES! And POCKETS! And actually COMES DOWN TO MY KNEES! Oh it”s so exciting – so check out the_curvy_chick on trademe or – which actually had the dress I bought for $20 cheaper. And while we”re recommending online places, I”ve heard very good things about Bella Chic, although I have yet to purchase anything from there yet, but like Sheer Curves, they stock Igigi dresses and you might get a better deal than direct purchase because of changing exchange rates, etc.  

So let”s rock on with our frocks on, yes?

Maxi to mini in a jiffy

maxiMaxi dresses were a welcome trend last summer. It seems such a shame to let them get musty over over winter. Which is why I really liked Diana Eng's idea for turning a maxi dress into a stylish mini. I reckon if you wear you new DIY mini with tights and a slinky wool top, it'd look awesome AND warm.




Pretty dresses at modcloth.com


I just found this website with pretty indie clothes and accessories. They're American but do ship internationally, and …

To help you out, though, we can give you a discount on your purchase price! Just use the coupon code “inter100″ during the checkout process and you'll be given a 10% discount off the price of your international order of $100 or more before shipping.

how to get ex back

And check out their sale items….so pretty.