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What does the digital you look like?

You know I chose this picture of Anna for the leopard print. SMASH MALICE!

You know I chose this picture of Anna for the leopard print. SMASH MALICE!

Jezebel has a piece today on avatars which reminded me of a post that I’ve been wanting to write for ages but hadn’t figured out how to screencap. For those of you who play video games where you get to create your look, do you make yourself look as real as possible or go with the fantasy? For me, I’ve always tried to make my video character as much like me as possible – which meant choosing the sole female character in Streets of Rage back on the old Sega Master System, or playing Anna or Jun in Tekken. My mii on my wii is as round and tall as I can make her, and although I have friends whose miis are absolute copies of their faces, mine is the best I can make it. When I play Rockband with Amy, my avatar is as fat as she can get (not very) and I choose clothes that I’d probably wear. Admittedly, my avatar’s hair is a fiercer red than I can normally manage with my own, but still. And my Guitar Hero avatar has her curves bumped all the way up, which means I get mesmerised by her juicy round ass, even though my own butt is pretty flat. I’m sure there’s some psychology at play here about escapism versus umm oh I don’t know, some other concept, and there’s a lot to be said about the total lack of reality in video games (was anyone else incredibly disturbed by how the news about the shootings on the American army base yesterday featured a totally unnecessary 3D animation clip of the shooter bursting into a room and opening fire that looked just like a video game?) but for now, I’d just like to hear about how you play the games you play…

New Zealand’s Real Top Model

You guys no doubt are aware of how much I love Jezebel. I’m figuring if you like this site you probably like them too. One of the many features on the site that I liked was Tatiana The Anonymous Model, who wrote from inside the modelling world about the realities of fashion. Well, the other day, Tantiana revealed her real identity, and it turns out she is Jenna Sauers, and she is a New Zealander! Squee! Okay, it’s a lame claim to fame, but what is really awesome is her blog. I think it should be required reading for every wannabe who’ll try out for New Zealand’s Next Top Model, and also just for anyone who likes really well-written personal content about a girl travelling the world. I spent all day yesterday reading it, and I was totally fascinated and enthralled.

Short bits and wordy considerations

1. Zebrano, home to designer clothes for the curvy lady is having a sale. Pretty much every garment in-store (well, at least in their Johnson Street branch anyway) is reduced, often up to 50%, and arranged in size order for easy shopping. While I'm at it, how do you feel about the term “curvy lady”? I personally don't like the word 'lady' very much so I'm not entirely sure why I'm using it. I ask partially because when Martha wrote about us, she said she doesn't like the word 'girly'. How about 'girlie' with an ie? But yes, I favour 'curvy' over 'plus-size', because it celebrates my lovely lovely breasts while we're at it.

2. If you're still not reading Jezebel yet, maybe you could start with this post on Badvertising, which demonstrates all the reasons that I pretty much hate magazine advertising (and most magazine copy, for that reason). As a sample, in response to a
Dove campaign for “It's time we girls cooled off more and freaked out less”, Jezebel writes:

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“You know what else makes me freak out? When someone suggests that “we girls” should freak out less. We make less money than men, are expected to be thin and hairless and we have the crampy bleeds every 26 days. A body wash solves nothing. Fuck off.”

come curare i funghi della pelle

And to continue my wordy-thoughts, I pretty much HATE advertising that pretends that the product is “one of us”. I don't think that the Dove ad was written by someone who has anything in common with me, so they can take their over-familiarisation and shove it.

3. I know we've mentioned it before, but Amy and I worked on the giftboxes for our party (which starts at 4pm this Saturday in Newtown, tell your friends!) last night, and man, they are pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself. We've also got some foot spas for soaking your tootsies in, the signature cocktail has been designed, and there are piles and piles of clothes for the swap, and all kinds of tasty goodness and decorations have been purchased. We think that you will enjoy yourselves. For those of you who can't make it because you're not in Wellington, there will be some giftboxes to be won at a later date. We have many many cunning plans taking shape.